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Technology Should Be Simple is the convergence of several ideas and projects from the past 15 years. All combining to be one cohesive publication about an unavoidable force impacting our lives, technology.

In 2007, I registered my first domain name, technologyshouldbesimple.com. It was part of a college assignment to create a blog.

It was my introduction to writing and publishing online. Creating this small corner of the internet for myself had (and still has) a profound impact on my life.

This domain name and subsequent websites have gone through many iterations over the years. The content has been deleted, repackaged, and rebuilt several times over. There have been different focuses and different goals. It took all those changes to figure out what was the core, the first principle, the central theme of that writing…

How our lives are shaped by technology.

Technology is an ever constant force in our lives. How we learn, how we work, how we socialize all have changed through technology and our understanding of it. And there are no signs of slowing down.

This publication will explore technology in our present day and looking to future generations. Do we understand how it works? Do we understand the implications of it? Is there a better way for it to be built?

I encourage you to follow along, join the community, and support this work.

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Writing A Book

Over the next several months I will be posting chapters from the upcoming book CHOICE. You can view all of the public chapters in the CHOICE Section.

This book is being written semi-publically, and any chapters posted will remain free to read. There will be additional content and perks for subscribers.

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